Learn why the economy is not the biggest threat to your financial health but your brain ! 




In my corporate career and through working with many clients and advisors over the years, I knew I was missing the reason why people will procrastinate in making financial decisions, the reason why they couldn’t set clear financial boundaries or why people would make irrational decisions even if they knew not to do it.

Here I am just like you, had all the financial knowledge to assist clients but could not help them in some cases. I was searching for the answer to the mystery of decisions and human behaviour.

I was driven to find out more. I completed Neuro Linguistic training and became a certified Enneagram Coach.

The combination of understanding my own personality and my core fears assisted me to understand myself and deepen my relationships with other people. Maybe you are a Financial Adviser that is giving advice to clients but still do not understand certain aspects of yourself or your clients.

As part of my coaching I use the Enneagram model, which refers to nine different interlocking personality types – each one representing a model which explains how different people think, feel and act in relation to the world, others and themselves.