How To Embrace The Perfect Financial Storm

In this FREE Training.

I reveal the 3 Secrets why it is important to change your money roots!

Learn why the economy is not the biggest threat to your financial health, but your brain!

  • Do you ever worry that you will never have enough money?
  • Do you hate yourself when you overspend?
  • Do you repeatedly make the same money or financial mistakes?

Meet Your Speaker

Alta Odendaal

Alta is a Financial and Emotional Behavioral expert.

I bring self-awareness to Financial Experts and Individuals allowing them to align and shine. 

I use powerful tools including the Enneagram, NLP and so much more, I live for this.

I love to combine my knowledge as a Certified Financial Planner where I understand the Financial intelligence component with Emotional intelligence.

This is a breakthrough recipe to whole brain decision-making!

I focus on the psychology of money and how our beliefs, expectations, and feelings influence our financial behavior, success, and disappointments.         
Do not miss out,  I would love to share more with you.

What Will You Learn In This Free Training

Money Beliefs

How your beliefs create and Limit your Financial reality 

Your Relationship With Money

Understand what is your relationship with money


Moving from emotional debt to emotional wealth

Are You Ready To Learn 3 new secrets about emotions and money ?

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